Health & Safety, and Industrial Hygiene
Microscopy & Engineering Forensics



Example Projects:


WATKINS/HIGHWAY TRANSPORT, Atlanta, Georgia:  Emergency Response Coordination during initial spill response and Supervision of Environmental Site Assessment for a tanker spill containing Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK) and Isopropanol in Acworth, Georgia.  Effected property was approximately 11 acres with 2,000 tons of contaminated soil remediated and deep-well injection disposal of 20,000 gallons of contaminated water.  In-situ biodegradation system installed during the remediation.  Also included air monitoring for VOCs, dust and particulate; soil and water sampling.

CONFIDENTIAL TELECOMMUNICATIONS COMPANY, Alabama:  UST Site Assessment for 13 facilities and site characterization including multiple borings, well installations

LESHNER MILLS, Georgia:  Preparation of Synthetic Minor Air Permit application for textile manufacturer to become exempt from full Title V requirements.

POWELL DUFFRYN, Savannah, Georgia:  Response in 24 hours and sampling of over 60 waste tanks at a CERCLA spill site.  Sampling was performed in Levels A, B, and C.

NAVAL SHIPYARD, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Management, oversight, and sampling for removal of materials from a barge contaminated with PCBs, Lead, and Asbestos, including preparation of site safety & health plan, work plan, quality analysis/quality control plan.

LEGION INDUSTRIES, Waynesboro, Georgia:  Waste treatability study for plating wastes (chromium, nickel, etc.) including sampling, analysis, evaluation and report preparation.

CONTINENTAL CHEMICALS, Terre Haute, Indiana:  Supervision and participation of securing, staging, sampling, classification of more than 600 bulk chemical containers and more than 2,000 small stock chemicals at abandoned site.  Included on-site field characterization and testing with microscopical identification as well.  Chemical constituents ranged from simple acids, bases, flammables, chlorinated solvents, to crystallized ether, cresols, nitrocellulose, and pentachlorophenol,

SMALLWOOD AUTO PARTS, Atlanta, Georgia:  Prepared a stormwater pollution prevention plan (SWP3) for compliance with industrial NPDES requirements at a junkyard.

TURNER CONSTRUCTION/ET ENVIRONMENTAL, Washington, DC:  Preparation of lead removal plan, asbestos abatement plan, bird & bat dropping removal plan, TPH contaminated soil removal plan, general work plan, hazardous waste and hazardous material storage and disposal plan for submittal preparation of NAVSEA project estimated at $80 million total, environmental portion at $12 million.

3B BARREL, New Barren, Indiana:  Management and participation of securing, staging, sampling, classification of more than 250 bulk chemical containers (with more than 1,500 empties) at defunct facility.  Included on-site field characterization and testing with microscopical identification as well.  Also included remote opening via a pneumatic ram of bulged drums.  Chemical constituents included simple acids, bases, flammables, perchloric acid, amines, and peroxides.

FAYETTE COUNTY WATER SYSTEM, Georgia:  Preparation of revised stream monitoring plan to evaluate non-point discharges at 9 locations.  Sampling of stream parameters and assessment of water quality.

CONFIDENTIAL CLIENT, Florida:  PCB exposure assessment and risk assessment for the handling, reuse, and disposal of more than 7,000 lbs of contamination structural steel.

NORFOLK SOUTHERN, Crosspointe, Indiana: wetlands delineation of a few acre previously developed property including man-made habitats.

SCHAEFER TRUCKING, Indianapolis, Indiana: Phase I, II, and III site assessment and remediation of truck maintenance facility.  Included 5 borings, 3 wells, semi-volatile and volatile analysis and contaminant assessment, and supervision of removal of selected soils.

CONFIDENTIAL SITE, New Jersey:  Design of industrial ventilation pollution control system to capture mercury vapors during the remediation of an historically contaminated building in New Jersey.  Included sizing ducts, multiple blowers, mixing boxes, iodine-impregnated carbon adsorption system and exhaust stacks, specifying monitoring and control devices for flow and pressure.  Design was completed to permit remediation of each of four stories in series without substantial modifications.

CONFIDENTIAL TELECOMMUNICATIONS CO., Mississippi:  Completed a site investigation (including more than 30 boring locations) of a contaminated day care facility in Mississippi.  Designed, implemented, and closed out remedial actions including groundwater pump and treatment, soil vapor extraction based on 3D finite element flow analysis (both remotely monitored), geotextile membrane installation, and air sampling.  Prepared a risk assessment to include various populations.

Health & Safety, and Industrial Hygiene:

YAMAHA MOTOR MANUFACTURING CORPORATION, Newnan, Georgia:  Industrial Hygiene studies into worker exposure of fiberglass and mineral dusts.  Included fiber sizing and distribution, total and respirable particulate sampling, and remedial design.

CONFIDENTIAL BAKERY, Georgia:  Heat Stress and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Survey as a result of OSHA inspection.  Included sampling at various location in approximately 25,000 SF production area and evaluation of ventilation system

CONFIDENTIAL  COMPANY, Georgia:  Asbestos survey of two 8 story buildings, approximately 300,000 SF of space, including PLM bulk sample analysis.

CONFIDENTIAL COMPANY, Georgia:  Asbestos dust study of two 8 story buildings, including TEM sample analysis, detailed statistical evaluation of data, and risk assessment.

YALE UNIVERSITY, New Haven, Connecticut:  Prepared evaluation plan for indoor air quality and worker exposure assessment during construction activities involving the use of heavy equipment inside an occupied building under renovation.  Prepared an air testing industrial hygiene report upon completion.

VA MEDICAL CENTER, Augusta, Georgia:  Indoor air quality investigation of building wing including ventilation checks, sampling and evaluation of bioaerosols and pollens in dust, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide.

JONESBORO HIGH SCHOOL, Jonesboro, Georgia:  Asbestos AHERA Inspection of high school.  Report preparation and preparation of plans and specifications for removal, oversight and management of removal.

SUNRISE SYSTEMS OF BREVARD, Titusville, FL: Preparation of asbestos abatement work plan and air monitoring for AHERA regulated removal at elementary school at Ft. Rucker, Alabama.

CLAYTON COUNTY SCHOOLS, Georgia: Asbestos inspections for Forest Park Middle School, Babb Middle School, Forest Park High School, Tara Elementary, Haynie Elementary, and Riverdale Elementary School.

BENCHMARK, Indianapolis, Indiana: OSHA audit of furniture manufacturing facility including industrial hygiene sampling and analysis, and NFPA Code review for storage and handling of flammable chemicals.

NEWPORT CHEMICAL DEPOT, Newport, Indiana:  Preparation of site specific asbestos compliance plan for asbestos abatement.

HIS PAINTING, Cape Canaveral, Florida: Design of pressure washing abatement processes and control, and completion of work plan for lead abatement during occupancy of three hangars.

MULTIPLE CONTRACTORS, Cape Canaveral, Florida:  Provided lead compliance training per 29 CFR 1926.62 for ca. 100 individuals from various construction trades.

CONFIDENTIAL FURNITURE COMPANY, Southeast US:  Completed an industrial hygiene investigation of various processes and stressors, including paints/coatings, wood dust, solvents, aldehydes, isocyanates, noise.  Prepared a report of the findings with recommendations and cost estimates.  Provide hazard communication training and consulting.  Evaluated ventilation system, including modeling of exposure levels, testing of ventilation rates using a tracer decay methodology, and redevelopment of entire ventilation system jointly with mechanical engineering firm including recirculation and pressurization zones.

JACKIE ROBINSON STADIUM, Daytona Beach, Florida:  Preparation of extensive plans and specifications for lead abatement of steel and wooden structures coated with lead based paint in stadium stands.  Included constraints for containment and abatement during simultaneous operation of the ballfield.  Provided worker exposure monitoring, ambient air monitoring (TSP-lead), other hazard communication consulting services, and project management.

W.F. GEORGE DAM, Ft. Gaines, Georgia: Review and evaluation of safety and health, environmental, and lead compliance plans for the isolation, removal of paints/coatings, repainting of 14 flood gates across the dam.  Preparation of the specific worker protection and environmental plans including: exposure assessment monitoring of welding fumes, lead, zinc, other heavy metals, ketone coating constituents and solvents, and dermal exposure; pre- and post-environmental monitoring of air, water, and soil; lockout/tagout procedures; scaffolding and emergency retrieval system institution; confined entry procedures and testing, spill contingency planning and enactment; calculation of appropriate ventilation rates and face velocities; appropriate testing of ventilation system and containment controls, etc.  Training of workers for general construction firm, Army Corps representative, and painting company.

FT.  BEALE AFB, California.  Prepared specifications for the Army Corps of Engineers (COE) for the cleaning, bottom replacement repair, refurbishing, repainting of multiple JP-8 jet fuel tanks circa 55,000 gallons at Ft. Beale AFB, California, including detailed design criteria for exposure assessment, engineering and medical surveillance control.  Chemicals involved included: PCBs, asbestos, lead, chromium, isocyanates, welding fumes, JP-8, and benzene.

CONFIDENTIAL Mining Co., Montana:  Prepared Respiratory Protection, Hearing Conservation Plan; conducted respiratory protection training, hearing conservation training under MSHA requirements.

NATIONAL BOILER, Chattanooga, Tennessee:   Development and calculation of economic impact assessment from the use of personal protective equipment vs. non-PPE usage during certain hazard tasks.

MUNICIPAL PLAYGROUND SITES, Central Florida:  Evaluation of multiple municipal playgrounds for exposure to arsenic and chromium from leaching out of Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA) wood.  Included development of sampling and analysis strategy, risk assessment and calculation of acceptable concentrations in cover and soil materials, and from surface contact with wood.  Also included preparation of draft press releases, risk management for four municipalities, and significant discussions with state representatives.

FARMER’S INSURANCE, Ohio:   Mold assessment, remediation design, and remediation verification for mold contamination at a house.  Included tape sampling, air-o-cell cassette sampling, culturable sampling, microscopic identification of fungi, culture and re-identification.

CENTRAL INSURANCE AGENCY, Ohio:    Mold and bacteria assessment, remediation design, and remediation verification for mold and bacteria contamination at a house.  Included tape sampling, air-o-cell cassette sampling, culturable sampling using a 4-plate protocol, microscopic identification of fungi, culture and re-identification, moisture testing in various substrates, fiber optic borescope probing of wall cavities, etc.

CONFIDENTIAL MANUFACTURING FACILITY, Terre Haute, Indiana:  Noise survey of two separate facilities and multiple production lines including personal noise dosimetry work, octave and 1/3-octave band analysis, vibration analysis, noise reduction/control  design.

NATIONAL TREASURY EMPLOYEES UNION, CHAPTER 49 (aka IRS), Indianapolis, IN: Review of IAQ investigation report data and analysis of findings from bioaerosol and standard IAQ parameter monitoring.

CONFIDENTIAL TELECOMMUNICATIONS CO., Indiana: IAQ investigation of a series of complaints including interviews, questionnaire statistical analysis, sampling and analysis of Microbial Volatile Organic Compounds (MVOCs), organic Sulfur compounds, temperature, relative humidity, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide; sampling and analysis of culturable and non-culturable bioaerosols; testing of selected HVAC velocities air flows; smoke testing; report preparation

CONFIDENTIAL MANUFACTURING PLANT, Indiana:  Asbestos air monitoring during removal of cementitious asbestos coating of multiple tanks.

CONFIDENTIAL PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD MANUFACTURER, Midwest US: Industrial hygiene survey for ammonia, ethanolamine, hydrogen chloride, lead, nitric acid, sodium hydroxide, sulfuric acid, and noise.

RICHMOND STATE HOSPITAL, Richmond, Indiana: Ambient air monitoring for asbestos, clearance monitoring for asbestos, settled asbestos dust sampling and analysis.

CONFIDENTIAL BUILDING OWNER, Georgia:  Sampling for mold in a 18-story, 500,000 SF, 70-year old building including 20 spore trap and 6 culturable air samples.  Statistical analysis of results; report preparation.

NIOSH, Cincinnati, Ohio:  Provided an assessment of time-scaling lethal data using the ten Berge and Haber models with modifications.  Evaluated the validity of these models for 15 chemicals based on 274 studies using qualitative and quantitative statistical analysis.  Also evaluated the quality of toxicology data in the studies and the correlation of these to toxic end points.

Microscopy & Engineering Forensics

CONFIDENTIAL COUNTY WATER SYSTEM, Georgia: Identification of unknown contaminants discovered by consumer complaints, using SEM and PLM techniques.

APS ARKWRIGHT SCHOOL, Atlanta, Georgia:  Identification of and health assessment of unknown contaminants discovered during start-up of water system using SEM, PLM, and microchemical techniques.

STACK & ASSOCIATES, Atlanta, Georgia: Environmental evaluation of run-off through abandoned Hoescht landfill (superfund site) and microscopic analysis of sediment run-off from commercial development to prove that run-off was transported onto subject site and impairing the wetlands and neighboring property value.

CONFIDENTIAL MANUFACTURER, Indiana: Forensic investigation to identify the red stain, the source of and cause of the red stain on manufactured pillow using microscopy and microchemical tests.

FT.  STEWART, Georgia: Evaluation of mold and moisture problem for 3-story brick faced building.  Included surface sampling and analysis; 1-D manual and 1-D finite element analysis of multi-year wall performance with regard to moisture penetration; evaluation of temporary and permanent HVAC controls for the refurbishing; design of building commissioning and O&M fungal sampling plan.

CONFIDENTIAL CO., Connersville, Indiana: Evaluation of IAQ parameters and extreme case of window condensation and freezing in preparation for litigation.  Included thermal analysis of windows and doors, multi-week monitoring of environmental conditions including RH. Temperature, CO2, and CO; evaluation of HVAC system design and construction and correlation with moisture loading.

CONFIDENTIAL HOME OWNER, Indianapolis, Indiana:   HVAC Load calculation per ACCA Manual J to evaluate proper sizing of HVAC system and design of air flow characteristics.

CONFIDENTIAL COATINGS CO, Indiana:  Provided microscopic evaluation of a chromate conversion coating replacement for application on aluminum substrates; including a review of hazardous characteristics, optical properties, effects of temperature up to 420 degrees C, effects of metal additives, pitting/corrosion at a microscopic level, hardness of coating and effect on the substrate, comparison to a chromate coating, etc.

CONFIDENTIAL AEROSPACE CO., Midwest US:  Conducted forensic microscopic investigation of fiber mass in vehicle sabotage case to assist in identification of source.

CONFIDENTIAL AEROSPACE CO., Midwest US: Conducted microscopic evaluation of dust from surfaces for contamination by strontium chromates, silica, and other toxic metals in an aeronautical refurbishing facility.  This was followed by an evaluation of the ventilation system including pressure measurements, velocity testing and flow calculations.  It also involved evaluating the collection system for dust, re-entrainment, general ventilation, and local exhaust processes, and compliance with building, mechanical, and fire codes.


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